The Jamie Quinteros Unicorn Effect


When the few people who know me personally come into contact with people who act as if they personally know me, and in reality I don’t even know who the person is. This is called The Jamie Quinteros Unicorn Effect.

I hear about this going down all the time, today I was told it has a name.

Ha! I was talking to Sam about this the other day. I might’ve called/compared you to a unicorn!

I want all my secrets back
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all i want in life is to go to concerts and have good eyebrows

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And now we’re supposed to go back to our normal lives. That’s what people do. They have these amazing experiences with another person, and then they just go home and clean the bathroom or whatever.
When It Happens (Susane Colasanti)

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I live off sarcasm, sexual frustration, punk rock and cheese


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I present to you, Cats knocking shit over.